Desperate Dan Christmas Walk

Route Plan

This is a one way walk alongside The River Arrow between Alcester and Studley. So you will need to arrange return transport, either yourself or by catching the bus. Buses to Alcester stop close to The Little Lark. The services to look for are. X19 towards Stratford and the 235 for Evesham. Walk guidance begins at St Nicholas’ Church Alcester. The main town car park is in Bulls Head yard but beware the far end is the property of Waitrose and while free is strictly time-limited.

  1. Stand facing St Nicholas’ Church. Take the path to the left. This is Butter St. Continue past The Hollybush pub and down the slight bank. Cross School Road and cross the river. At the end of the hedge is a footpath to the left, passing between the 5 A-side pitch and the Sports Hall. Carry on keeping the river to the left. Through a large park, the path eventually emerges at another, metalled, footpath. Turn right. Very soon you will find a yellow bollard on the left. Very quickly identify and take a slightly indistinct footpath to the left. Note: Straight on is the obvious choice here, but turn left.
  2. This path emerges onto a grassy verge. walk forward. Shortly, on the left, follow the path between a shrubbery on the left and a steep, grassy bank on the left. You will emerge at a road behind a metal barrier. The objective is to cross the road and pass left behind the opposite barrier. The path goes down and right, following the river on the left. Over a little footbridge and into the corner of a large field full of saplings. This is part of the Heart of England Forest. There is no clearly defined path here but basically, keep the river to your left and proceed. After the weir and a small industrial development across the river, the river winds away left. Carry on keeping the hedge to your left until you reach a kissing gate into a pasture. Your field exit is directly opposite on the other side of the field, whereupon you will exit onto a lane.
  3. Follow the lane for 300 / 400 yards until it turns sharply left. You will see your exit point, another kissing gate, at the apex of the bend, up a bank. Your way now continues through a mixture of pasture and sapling forest, probably about half a mile. Eventually emerging at a small church, St Leonards and a country lane. Turn left and almost immediately, right towards Spernall Hall Farm. Go through the farm yard, again keeping the river to your left. You are now following The Ardern Way. Keep following this until you emerge in a lane close to a church. Follow the lane for a few yards before turning left heading directly towards the buildings at the top of the shallow bank opposite. Cross over the river by the footbridge and walk straight ahead, up the bank until reaching the main road. This sis Studley and the Little Lark is the blue and white building opposite.
  4. After your meal the bus stop is on the opposite side of the road just down the bank. Allow 5 mins to walk there.
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