Shakespeare Stroll. The Final Reckoning

Shakespeare Stroll. Gentle reminder. Could any of you lovely people who made promises of donations via the legacy paper methods (luddites) please now make your payments please. I am keen to round things up as soon as possible. Indeed there is still time to donate via our Just Giving page if you wish. Thank youContinue reading “Shakespeare Stroll. The Final Reckoning”

On and On On The Onny Trail

The Onny Trail winds through a shallow valley following the course of the River Onny; the road between Craven Arms and Bishops Castle and the remains of a railway line. The three, intertwined sinuously, cross and recross each other through the south Shropshire hills towards Bishops Castle.

In Which I Make a New Friend

I’m holding my waterproof jacket, staring vacantly, hoping for some kind of divine intervention to make the decision for me. My real problem is that today’s walk does not suffer from over preparation: or, indeed, any kind of preparation at all. For the last few days it has been a note in my diary loomingContinue reading “In Which I Make a New Friend”

Footbridge Re-opens

Local Alcester walkers and travellers on The Monarch’s Way will be delighted and receive to note that the footbridge over the A435 Alcester bypass, closed recently following damage by vandals, has re-opened. I have not crossed it but a repair does seem to have been made; certainly the barriers have been removed. Walkers who hadContinue reading “Footbridge Re-opens”

The Border Country

“What’s that?” asks Walking Companion. We are staring at some thin, green, wispy seedlings struggling through the unseasonably dry clay of a large field just beyond the by pass. To get to this point we have exited The Exercise Yard through the Roman Way portal. crossed couple of paddocks, a stream and scuttled across theContinue reading “The Border Country”

Multi Tasking? I Can Do That.

To say I was not too enthusiastic about a walk today would be an understatement. The weather was grey and trees were waving and bending in a cold and uninviting manner. I turned up the heating a notch and settled lower in my site nursing my second cup of tea, at which point the guiltContinue reading “Multi Tasking? I Can Do That.”