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This is an excellent walk taking in the border village of Cladswell; some gorgeous views over South Warwickshire and a great family pub in which to break your journey. The walk can be followed using OS Explorer map 205 Stratford-upon-Avon & Evesham. Please also note that, at the time of writing, the main by pass crossing via Allimore Lane is closed. The notes below take this into account.

As with all my Alcester walks, this one begins at St Nicholas’ Church. Adequate free parking is available near by but please note that free parking in the Waitrose car park is strictly time-limited. The town abounds with excellent shops, pubs and cafes. Please feel free to check them out during your visit.

  1. With tour back to the church walk down the High St to the end and turn right into Swan St. At the roundabout take the second exit, Seggs Lane and walk to the top. Then turn left into Roman Way. Keep to the right hand footpath. In about 200 yards there is a footpath to your right (be careful its not too clear). Follow it into the field then cross into the opposite corner. Proceed into the next field, cross the footbridge and exit to the by pass. BE VERY CAREFUL. FAST MOVING TRAFFIC. Make your way to the central reservation. Then cross the other carriage way, then up into the field.
  2. Go through the gap and turn left. Keeping the hedge to your left follow the field edge. At the corner of the field you will see a footpath that goes left over a tiny bridge. Ignore it and continue all the way to the form buildings. When you reach the farm buildings take the lane to the right. Follow it round a sharp left turn. Then, where it turns right again, carry on. The footpath heads into the field over a small hill. The footpath crosses the centre of the field (Head for the electricity pylon) – and down the other side to the lane. Tricky eh?
  3. Now follow the lane. Head for the wood. Then through the wood. Just follow the track till you emerge in a large field. You will see the track across the centre of the field. Follow it to the other side. The path now continues up the left of the hedge opposite. It gets quite narrow and thorny in places but persevere. Eventually you will emerge into a large field on a hillside. Look back. That’s Alcester below you. Lovely view. Pause to admire. Then continue upwards. The path leaves the field and proceeds up the hill until reaching the top.
  4. Cross the road (A441). Directly opposite there is a hedge-lined footpath, follow it. Emerging between houses, the path continues to the right. Continue. You will cross a lane and plunge onward eventually emerging in a narrow, house-lined lane. A wider lanes joins from the right. This is Cladswell. Go straight on until passing Linsey Farm on your right. Then turn right into a lane which rises gently. Just before the first house on the left, turn left into a footpath. CRoss a small stream. The Millennium Way crosses left – Right and the Monarch’s Way goes straight on. Turn right, follow the stream across a couple of fields (and a couple of rickety stiles. Until reaching a lane. Go left. Emerging onto the B 4090, turn right. Te Nevill Arms is just a few yards along on your left.
  5. Your return leg begins opposite The Nevill Arms, immediately across from the B4090 exit. You will be following The Millennium Way for some way now. Go through a small field, into a wood, right by the large table and eventually over a stile into a field. Keep to the left. Follow the fence and you will find another stile. Then follow the path down the side of the small valley. Keep going downhill. At the track before the hedge, turn left. Follow the track through the gate into a lane. Down the lane, across a farm track, straight on into a large field.
  6. Keeping the hedge to your right follow the field margin. You will reach a large gap in the hedge where The Spittle Brook joins you from the left. Now keep the hedge to your left and continue straight on always moving gently downhill. Close to the far left hand end of the field you will find a small wooden footbridge on your left. Cross it. The Millennium Way continues straight on from here towards Coughton. Turn right. Go through the gap in the hedge and turn immediately left. Follow the path until you come to a shallow (hopefully) ford across The Spittle Brook. Carefully ford the stream. Remember this is where I met my embarrassment!. Once across go left and follow the field edge towards the large building at the top of the bank.
  7. When you reach the top go left/right across the track to the gap in the hedge. You will be confronted with a large field. The path goes straight across. The way well be hard to pick out but take courage and set off. You should be a blessed to see the yellow-topped footpath marker in the opposite hedge. You are heading to the right of the far left hand corner where you should be able to pick out a gap in the hedge. Well done. Now turn left and follow the perimeter around the field until passing behind a large house and garden near the far end of the field. Go right into the corner. To the left their is a path. As soon as you enter it you should see a narrow gap in the Hawthorn hedge. Go through into the field. You will see your field exit before you. This is The Roebuck Portal to The Exercise Yard.
  8. Make your way down to the by-pass. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL FAST TRAFFIC. Cross the by pass then climb the steps and follow through a kissing Gate into the new development called Alcester Park. You will pass behind a number of gardens and ultimately on to Eclipse Rd. Turn left down to Birmingham Rd. Turn right. Continue until you reach a set of traffic lights. Go straight on. Keeping on the left footpath you will reach Nelson Tuery on the left. Take it. Cross a playing field towards the tennis courts until you reach a gate. Go through it and into a narrow lane of newish houses and shops. Cross the supermarket access road and into another query which leads you to the High St. Look left, there is your journeys end. Well done. Reward yourself in one of our fine cafes or pubs.
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