The Hermits Cave Racks Up 1,000 Visitors

WordPress have just messaged me to say that my blog has just welcomed its one thousandth visitor. That is incredible. Only a few months ago I had no idea how to develop a website of any sort, (Indeed, some would say I still don’t) and now it seems to be building a bit of aContinue reading “The Hermits Cave Racks Up 1,000 Visitors”

Myton Marathon – The Last Lap

Today’s walk was planned to be the final lap in my Myton Marathon. Who could of thought, when I was lying face-down in Spittle Brook, that we should come to this? I had splashed and squelched the 5.55 miles of the first walk; investigated the remains of Broom Junction in the second and survived theContinue reading “Myton Marathon – The Last Lap”