The Hermits Cave Racks Up 1,000 Visitors

My old boots

WordPress have just messaged me to say that my blog has just welcomed its one thousandth visitor. That is incredible. Only a few months ago I had no idea how to develop a website of any sort, (Indeed, some would say I still don’t) and now it seems to be building a bit of a following.

The original idea was quite selfish, really. My bereavement counsellor, a very wise lady, suggested I write down my thoughts and feelings as I slowly recovered from the death of my wife. But it wasn’t until the first Covid lockdown that I discovered walking for exercise and as an aid to recovery.

And so The Hermit’s Cave was born. I am the hermit looking down on my Exercise Yard. That small area around which I was able to walk without offending the pandemic regulations. Slowly the Exercise Yard grew as I explored both myself and my local area, the Exercise Yard.

Escape routes were discovered. They became the portals out into the local countryside. My Walking Companion and the Silver Haired Walking friend joined me and together we have begun to build a library of walks in the locality; places of interest and some excellent watering holes.

But I guess the high-point was the March Marathon. Meeting the challenge of a 26 mile walk during March during which we raised in excess of £600 for The Myton Hospice which was an excellent effort from all concerned.

So, what of the future. Well basically more walks both locally and elsewhere in the UK I hope – as soon as travel gets easier. Also I have undertaken to do another marathon. This time, to walk the Arden’s Way. A twenty six mile circular route. This is planned for September and I will be telling you more very soon. Also, hopefully, to build the number of visitors following this site. So, here’s to the next thousand and thanks very much to everyone who has read, contributed, supported and donated. I’m very grateful.

5 thoughts on “The Hermits Cave Racks Up 1,000 Visitors

  1. Well done Martin on both your Charity success and The Hermits Cave … it is always a very interesting read


  2. Your blog is always beautifully written, interesting and informative. I am sure that others, knowing what you are working through, will draw comfort and may turn to the pleasures of a walk and the open countryside. Your doing a great job so, yes, here’s to another 1,000.

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  3. Congratulations Martin – I love reading your blogs and reading what you are getting upto and by the responses so do lots of people 💕

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