March the Month

Last Spring I used the pleasure I get from walking to raise funds for The Shakespeare Hospice in Stratford on Avon who looked after my wife and myself through her final illness. Friends walked with me and we had fun walking through the local countryside despite my inadvertent plunge into a local stream. This year,Continue reading “March the Month”

Guilty Conscience

Cars and cyclists go by as I sit here on this slightly damp bench. I’m conscious that I have been a tad tardy in my recent postings so I’m trying to make amends. It’s warm for mid November. At least it was when I set out but now low grey clouds have rolled in onContinue reading “Guilty Conscience”

Shakespeare Stroll – The Marketing Begins

The marketing support has arrived from The Shakespeare Hospice ahead of our walks this weekend. We are meeting tomorrow for our briefing at The Turks Head in Alcester so last fitness issues can be assuaged and the routes explained. We have been completely knocked out by the support everyone is showing towards the event. TheContinue reading “Shakespeare Stroll – The Marketing Begins”

Myton Marathon – Broom Junction

Regular readers of this blog will note a recurring theme, railways. Today’s walk was chosen for two key reasons. 1. There are no fords to fall in. 2. We get to walk along an old track bed. By the way, many thanks to Warwickshire Railways for the photo of Broom Junction in its pomp. TodayContinue reading “Myton Marathon – Broom Junction”

Myton Marathon – Whoops Splash!

I am sitting in The Spittle Brook. Water is trickling down my face. I am picking bits of weed from my hair and the brook undeterred by my presence continues to flow over me. My companion is biting her lip, her face reddening as she desperately, and quite successfully, tries to stifle the laughter sheContinue reading “Myton Marathon – Whoops Splash!”

Multi Tasking? I Can Do That.

To say I was not too enthusiastic about a walk today would be an understatement. The weather was grey and trees were waving and bending in a cold and uninviting manner. I turned up the heating a notch and settled lower in my site nursing my second cup of tea, at which point the guiltContinue reading “Multi Tasking? I Can Do That.”