Myton Marathon – The Emergency Exit

Coronation Chairs Get Alne

There’s lots of activity going on around The Exercise Yard at the moment. Routes being planned; refreshments packed and maps studied. This is the third walk in my Myton Marathon for the Myton Hospice. My plan was, and remains, to walk 26.2 miles around The Exercise Yard and I have a number of excellent sponsors supporting my efforts. In addition I have two brilliant walking companions, one of which, SHWF is pictured pretending hw knows what to do with a mobile friend.

So far I have completed two walks. Details can be found under the Walk tab on this site but basically, the first featured my headlong dive into a stream (5.55 miles) The second, a lovely and well-refreshed walk over the hill to Broom Junction and back along the old railway line. (6.61 miles). So we have a running (or walking total of 12.16 miles).

Today finds my walking companion and I taking refreshment at the Coronation Chairs out side Great Alne Village Hall. We are being well-behaved today so refreshments are limited to coffee. To be honest I’m not sure whether I should broach the subject of the hip flask with this companion. I’m not sure how it would go down.

The weather is chilly and blustery with a crystal blue sky but with a threat of rain squalls. We have experienced a squall walking over the fields between the Alcester Trig point and here. Not too bad, we are suitably attired and were able to dive under some trees. So now we are about three miles into our planned walk and discussing the next stage when..

“Is that your phone or mine?” Hands plunge into bags and pockets. “Er mine”, says walking companion. “Its my son, I’d better take it.” I smile assent. The upshot is daughter in law has trapped her thumb in the car door and can my companion step in and look after the kids during the visit to A&E. After some discussion we decide on the best short cut so companion can grab the car and go.

The first part of the walk follows the railway track bed of the line between Great Alne and Alcester. The Stratford Upon Avon Railway opened the line between Alcester and Bearley in 1860 but it was never more than a rural branch line. Great Alne station closed in 1944 and the line itself struggled on until 1951.

The line from Great Alne towards Alcester
The line towards Alcester with thanks to Warwickshire Railways and AT Lock/KRM

After a few hundred yards the track bed opened out onto fields and we struck off across them towards Kinwarton Dovecote. The followed the lane to the Alcester – Great Alne road. After which we strode as quickly as possible towards Alcester before parting company in the town centre.

The Kinwarton Dovecote

Happily an X-Ray revealed only bruising to daughter in law’s thumb so no harm done there. The walking distance for this was 6.11 miles bringing the walked distance up to 18.27 miles which is great.

If you have been inspired to take this walk, we used OS Explorer 205 and I have placed some adapted guidance in the Walks tab.

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