Myton Walk Two Broom Junction

Broom Junction Walk Plan

Walk through pretty Oversley Green past Oversley Castle to Wixford then through the singly dell and over the fields to Broom. Return journey follows the track bed of the old LMS line between Evesham and Birmingham and returns to Alcester via Wixford. The going on this walk is generally good although the return route can be muddy at times. Refreshment stops are available along the way at The Fish Inn, Wixford and The Broom Tavern in Broom.

  1. The walk commences at St Nicholas’ Church in Alcester standing with your back to the clock tower. Walk down the High St and, at the end cross straight over and down Bleachfield St right to the end. A narrow lane continues, narrowing to a footpath. Pass the recreation field and cross the river over the footbridge.
  2. At the top turn left and follow the road. Keep an eye out for my friendly Heron along here. As you enter the village turn right into Primrose Lane. You are now following The Heart of England Way. The footpath continues at the end of the road and crosses the A46 via a footbridge. Over the bridge, through the gate, and turn right up the hill. Now follow the broad track around Oversley Castle (white building on the hill). Still following the Heart of England Way proceed down the hill until the route takes a sharp left turn. Then right onto a footpath and through a very grand metal gated structure.
  3. Taking time to look over St Milburga’s Church dating from C12. Walk down the narrow path. At the metal gate on the left, walk through and cross the field. The exit gate is at the far end on the right. Emerging near a phone box, turn right down the hill. The footpath continues on the right, over a style, immediately opposite The Fish Inn. The path dives through a small wood and passes a delightful pool with a waterfall.

4. Exit over a style. Still on The Heart of England way, the path is now pretty straight over a number of styles all the way to Broom. Finally exiting into a narrow footpath that emerges onto a lane. Go straight ahead the the next lane and turn right.

5. You are now departing The Heart of England Way. Pass the Broom Tavern (if you must) proceed over the river bridge continuing until you see a yellow footpath pole on the right. Using the kissing gate turn into the field As you walk the remains of Broom Junction are on your right. After the station you will see a handrail and a footpath sign pointing down a bank. This take you to the track bed. Now follow all the way to Wixford circa (1.5miles).

6. On arriving at Wixford climb the steps to the road. Carefully cross the road and climb over the metal barrier. Now down the steps. You are beck on the trackbed. You will be able to see the remains of the platform to your right. Now follow the path. It eventually passes under the A46 road bridge and turns sharp left and up some steps to road level. Be very careful here. At the top turn left and cross the bridge. Then over the style and down the steps. Turn right.

7. Now follow the track bed for approx 1.5 miles. Eventually exiting through a rickety gate into a field by the river. Keeping the river close to your left continue to a narrow metal gate. Note. Not the field gate. Proceed through and under the road. Then take the gate on your right and continue to a short drive. Go right and carefully right. Walk along the footpath, over the bridge.

8. The path dives down the embankment. Follow to a style and into a field. You will see an avenue of trees before you. This is, again the old trackbed. Keep going to the top where the path brings you out onto Evesham Rd. Follow Evesham Rd to the run about. Then take the third exit onto Swan St. Then first left into High St. The end of your walk is nigh. Please feel free to partake of any or all of the cafes, shops and hostelries you will find in and around High St.

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