That’s All Folks – March The Month 31

So this is it. Finally, the last of 31 walks to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK and the work they do to research into a disease that affects one in eight men, killing 11000 a year. I, among many others throughout the country, have been pacing 11000 steps a day, a total of 341,000Continue reading “That’s All Folks – March The Month 31”

March The Month – 21

This was a beautiful but familiar walk for me. The route took me across the Exercise Yard exiting through the Oversley portal, the footbridge over the river. Then along the lane and left onto Icknield Way. A few hundred yards then left uphill towards the crest of Oversley Hill. The sun shone. Truly the firstContinue reading “March The Month – 21”

March The Month 18

On Friday I walked with SHWF. We walked from Bourton on the Hill following a circuitous route bringing us back past Sezincote House, apparently the model for The Brighton Pavilion. The route brought us back along The Heart of England way which was boggy in places. So much so I detoured through some brambles. NotContinue reading “March The Month 18”

March The Month – 11

This is probably one of my favourite walks, certainly locally. Depart from The Hermit’s Cave, across The Exercise Yard departing through the Cold Comfort portal. Then up through Coldcomfort Wood; across the fields and then following then fording The Spittal Brook and then return. Wild flowers can be seen and birds watched in almost totalContinue reading “March The Month – 11”

March the Month 7

And Bill said those beautiful words. “I have some coffee”. So now we are gathered around a bench next to a track in Oversley Wood. There has been logging and I can smell the resin from the newly logged trees. Warming my hands on my coffee, I look up. “Are those Buzzards?” I can neverContinue reading “March the Month 7”

March The Month – 3

Aches and pains are beginning to make themselves known. Although now testing negative, Covid has been replaced by a sore hip. So that had a gloop of Voltarol spread over it to get me moving. I also had to pay a quick visit to my slightly-under-the-weather grand daughter. Stuck at home on World Book DayContinue reading “March The Month – 3”

March of The Month – 2

Not the most delightful of days for a walk. The ground was sodden, puddles spread across roads and paths, the rain fell steadily. But on the basis that there is no such thing as bad weather – just inappropriate clothing I roused myself. The forecast inferred that the weather was likely to get worse laterContinue reading “March of The Month – 2”

March of The Month – 1

Today began my latest Spring Challenge. Last year The Marathon raised funds for The Shakespeare Hospice, this year I have joined The March of The Month campaign for Prostate Cancer. Today, despite continuing positive COVID tests I began a challenge that requires me to walk 11,000 steps each day throughout March. I have a coupleContinue reading “March of The Month – 1”

March the Month

Last Spring I used the pleasure I get from walking to raise funds for The Shakespeare Hospice in Stratford on Avon who looked after my wife and myself through her final illness. Friends walked with me and we had fun walking through the local countryside despite my inadvertent plunge into a local stream. This year,Continue reading “March the Month”