March of The Month – 1

Today began my latest Spring Challenge. Last year The Marathon raised funds for The Shakespeare Hospice, this year I have joined The March of The Month campaign for Prostate Cancer. Today, despite continuing positive COVID tests I began a challenge that requires me to walk 11,000 steps each day throughout March. I have a couple of ideas to vary how I shall, hopefully achieve that but today I began by taking standard walk. One of my objectives here is to understand how far I need to walk to achieve 11,000 steps. So I decided on a route that I could adapt as I go along to ensure I hit the target.

The basic route plan was to walk from The Hermits Cave through Oversley Green, crossing The River Alne at Hoo Mill. Then into Kinwarton and back into town from there. At this point I can shorten or extend my route as necessary.

The weather was fine as I set out. Blue sky but likely to cloud as I walked along. The wind was chilly as I walked though Oversley Green joining Stratford Road and on up to Hoo Mill. Overnight rainwater was cascading down the narrow footpath towards the footbridge over the river. I’m well known for getting well soaked in such circumstances but not today. The river was in full spate after all the recent rain and the field beyond soggy in places but I had to wander beside the river which was brimming and cascading spectacularly over the weir. Geese took advantage of all the extra water and honked as I passed.

River Alne

Then up the soggy track into Kinwarton Hamlet. Time for a break. So I sat in the Church porch, drinking my water and peering into the graveyard beyond.

View from Church porch

At this point I had covered just over 2.25 miles. I walked up to the main road and headed towards town. Gently downhill along a pavement. At the corner of Kinwarton Rd I had a decision to make. Straight on towards home or turn right to extend my walk. I turned right and walked through the industrial estate until I could join the old railway line. Then through the playing fields and thus into town.

Believe it or not Pancake Racing was under way along the High St. I lingered awhile watching the fun. But then thought of my positive test and headed for home anxious keep clear of the crowd watching. Home again I checked my stats for the walk. Walk distance 5.15 miles. The all important steps 12,400. So for future reference my optimum walking distance is 4.6 miles.

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