March the Month

Last Spring I used the pleasure I get from walking to raise funds for The Shakespeare Hospice in Stratford on Avon who looked after my wife and myself through her final illness. Friends walked with me and we had fun walking through the local countryside despite my inadvertent plunge into a local stream.

This year, instead of creating an event, I have thrown in my lot to help raise funs for Prostate Cancer in their March the Month. As a man of advancing years Prostate Cancer has become an important issue to me. Although not a sufferer myself a number of my friends are sufferers and I understand 1 in 8 men will catch it as some point.

the plan is to walk 11,0000 steps every day throughout March. It works out at about 4 miles a day. I then record my achievement in my March the Month Just Giving Page. Your job, dear reader, is to click the link and make a donation towards my £250.00 target. In the meantime I will update everyone both here and on my Facebook Page. Please try to give a little. Every penny will go to research into the perfidious disease.

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