The (RE)Order of the Boot

The very day Covid restrictions are eased in England what happens? Exactly, I test positive. I woke this morning headachy; coughing and bunged up. So I took a test just to be on the safe side. Hey presto and while isolation is no longer mandatory I will certainly remain aloof in my Hermit’s Cave over the weekend before re-testing.

Anyway, it does give me the opportunity to pass on a little tip to some of my, perhaps more senior readers whose joints are not what they once were. The tip actually comes from my Podiatrist, the brilliant Katy who has the dubious pleasure of keeping my feet in good order. Which she does admirably while we have a lovely chat.

On my most recent visit I did mention that, while walking, I do get a rather sore Big Toe which usually takes a mile or two to shake off especially after rest breaks. Katy believes the cause to be Arthritis and suggested re-lacing my boot to relieve the pressure on my throbbing toe.

The Re-tied boot on the right

The photo shows how I have re-laced my boot. Since then I have walked a number of times and although the offending digit is not perfect, it is certainly a great improvement than hitherto.

So, if you suffer similarly, give the idea a try – and please let me know how you get on. It will be a useful piece of research that I will pass back to Katy.

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