March of The Month – 2

A wet start

Not the most delightful of days for a walk. The ground was sodden, puddles spread across roads and paths, the rain fell steadily. But on the basis that there is no such thing as bad weather – just inappropriate clothing I roused myself. The forecast inferred that the weather was likely to get worse later so off I went.

As I a, quite adept at falling in mud and water I decided on a simple circular route around Alcester, keeping as much as possible to the pavements. The route took me through Oversley Green, crossing the river then back into Alcester, re-crossing the river and up Malt Mill Lane. Thence re-crossing the river towards Captains Hill. Left into Kinwarton Rd then circular route around the industrial estate before walking to the Coughton Round about. After which it was a simple route home.

As the rain soaked through my hat and dripped from coat to my trousers it was hard to remember what this was all about. This is the second of my Spring Strolls. Last year I walked for The Shakespeare Hospice and aside from my impromptu dip in The Spittal Brook, all went well. This year I have joined an organised event, March The Month for Prostate Cancer research. As I have a few friends and acquaintances who are sufferers I thought this might be an excellent charity yo work with. So I have to walk 11000 steps a day which equates to around 4.5 miles.

So here we are trudging through the rain. Actually I met one or two friends as I went and stopped for a chat. Also I did take the opportunity of a cup of coffee too. So it was something of a social occasion. In the ned I walked 5.24 miles and booked 12,800 paces.

Great fun despite the weather and for a great charity too. But I’m not doing this totally for my health and you can help. Click the link and please make a small contribution to Prostate Cancer. It is an excellent charity doing excellent and meaningful work extending the lives of many men who, like me, are of a certain age.

One thought on “March of The Month – 2

  1. Very spring provoking …. Will you be telling us more about Ned next week.
    Good luck with the new venture 👍🇺🇦


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