That’s All Folks – March The Month 31

My Trusty Boots

So this is it. Finally, the last of 31 walks to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK and the work they do to research into a disease that affects one in eight men, killing 11000 a year. I, among many others throughout the country, have been pacing 11000 steps a day, a total of 341,000 steps. And this is my last day.

The day dawned bright, sunny and bitterly cold. Indeed as I stepped out snow flurries were being whipped along the street on a bitter northerly wind. As if my resolve to finish my programme was not depleted enough by an arthritic toe; a sore hip and for the last couple of days, something of a stomach upset which means today’s walk has been designed so that I am never too far from “facilities”.

However I needed to walk a final 8000 steps to complete. If you look at the route map for today you will note it looks pretty confusing. This for the reason noted above and also I took the opportunity of my last walk to meet some of the folk who have helped and supported me over the last month. I will not attempt to describe the route but it included The Nature Park; Conway Fields and the town centre and finally the school run to collect my grandsons. Total walk distance 5.79 miles and 16000 steps.

So I guess its time for a quick review. 31 walks predominantly around Alcester but also taking in Coughton, Upton Upon Severn, Bourton on the Hill and Great Alne. And passing great houses at Madresfield, Waugh’s inspiration for Brideshead revisited. Coughton Court, epicentre of religious dissent and bolt hole for the Gunpowder plotters and Sezincote, the blueprint for The Brighton Pavilion. I have learned the difference between Red Kite and Buzzard and seen my first Bluebell of the year.

During the course of my walks I have enjoyed the hospitality of The Mother Huff Cap, Great Alne; The Turks Head, Alcester; The Upton Muggery, Upon Upon Severn; The Swan Hotel, Upton Upon Severn; The Horse and Groom, Bourton on the Hill; The Kings Court Hotel. Kings Coughton and last but certainly not least, Coffee @ 26, Alcester.

Many thanks, too, to my walking partners Bill, David and Jude who have walked, chatted and imbibed with me along the way.

So, it only remains to finally record 349,300 steps walked and £500 raised for Prostate Cancer UK.

One thought on “That’s All Folks – March The Month 31

  1. Well done Martin on completion of this mammoth task for such a worthy cause 👏👏👏👏👏👏


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