The Hermit Returns

I’m standing at The Alcester Trig point watching the drizzle roll in from the north.  Visibility is not good and I am extremely pleased I packed my spare waterproof jacket.  My Facebook followers will know that The Hermit broke free this year and I have been travelling around Europe for the past seven weeks or so.

But I’m back in the cave now and I have a commitment to undertake my September Stroll again this year.  So I am standing here as part of my first training walk.  Also I am trying to establish the route for the weekend bearing in mind there are those not as stunningly fit as may and may not want to go the full distance.

One of the key planning issues is lunch.  I need to arrange the route so walkers get a lunch stop: somewhere where participants can leave or join, too, should they not wish to walk the full day.  Today’s candidate is The Mother Huff Cap in Great Alne.  So I have planned a circular route just to get back into walking.

The route takes me from Alcester Town Centre; crossing The River Arrow and leaving the roadway at Captains Hill and heading towards the Trig Point, where I am now.  The light drizzle is getting heavier so I don my waterproof and set off along the Monarchs Way, over Coughton Field Lane and on into the wood.  Leaving the Monarchs Way I follow the 4×4 track to the lane and turn left to the pub.

Barley Field

I’m early. No food yet, so I treat myself to a cider and push on.  Following the road to Pelham Lane and immediately left at the old level crossing onto the old railway line towards Alcester. Emerging into a golden wheat field I strike right into the next field and follow the path through a glorious field of barley.  

Through the next field, passing the famous, 14thcentury, Kinwarton Dovecote.  Then following the lane past the pretty church.  The lane empties into a field by The River Alne.  Keep going over the footbridge and follow the path up to the main road.  There follows a less pretty walk along the footpath adjacent to the Stratford Road back to Alcester. A walk of approximately 6 miles. Good start.

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