March The Month – 21

This was a beautiful but familiar walk for me. The route took me across the Exercise Yard exiting through the Oversley portal, the footbridge over the river. Then along the lane and left onto Icknield Way. A few hundred yards then left uphill towards the crest of Oversley Hill. The sun shone. Truly the first day when I felt overdressed for the walk. A lark was ascending from a newly sewn field close by. Trilling exultantly it rose almost vertically into the sky.

A left turn close to the crest and a few hundred yards later, right beside a gate towards the edge of the wood. A straggling flock of Fieldfare rose from a couple of trees before me, relocating in a field to watch me pass by. I watched them for a time while taking a break. 

Then, keeping the wood to my left, I walked on. The Fieldfare swooped, chuckling across my path, disappearing into the wood. At the bridleway where The Arden Way turns south I entered the wood. I bit of a muddy wade here up to the well trodden circular wood walk. Then right passing piles of newly-hewn trees awaiting departure to the saw mills. 

Instead of my usual route home I turned left and followed the track to the exit point on The Arden Way and then the descent to Oversley Village, re-enterring The Exercise Yard via the exit portal over the footbridge.

The total route was a very pleasant 5.15 miles, 14,500 steps towards my target for the March The Month campaign for Prostate Cancer UK. If you would like to help me in my quest please do feel free to click the link to my Just Giving Page. If you would like to know more about Prostate Cancer UK and the work they are doing click here.

March The Month 21.  My latest walk for Prostate Cancer research

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