Myton Marathon Medal

Myton Marathon Virtual Medal

It’s many a long year since I earned a medal for the sporting prowess. So long, in fact, I struggle to remember the circumstances. However, whatever the reason it could not have been so sweet as the medal above.

From the initial dunking in the Piddle Brook the final walk around the Coldcomfort Circular, including the facing down of my nemesis in the process, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My thanks, of course, go to everyone who contributed to Myton Hospice and to my two walking companions who were unfailingly great company throughout.

Walking is something I took up during the very darkest of days, for me, nationally and indeed, for humankind as a whole. My walking story can be found above but I am delighted that I have been able to turn a pleasurable pastime into something worthwhile.

Thanks to everyone, Martin

One thought on “Myton Marathon Medal

  1. Well done, Martin. Keep on strolling and exploring the outer reaches of the Exercise Yard. Perhaps find a place on the Cave wall to hang the medal, although I don’t think that’s quite your style.

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