Shakespeare Stroll Test Walk 2

One way or another I have spent the Summer in flip-flops or deckshoes.  A fabulous seven week road trip around Europe has been followed by a hot, dry Summer in the UK and a couple of trips away in the caravan.  Having said that, I had a couple of walks while away in Pembrokeshire and a full length walk last week without any trouble.  But today my feet are in The River Arrow and my boots are on the bank. 

I am walking the potential second route for my September Stroll on behalf of The Shakespeare Hospice.  Having enjoyed a pre walk coffee on The High Street my route followed the Monarch’s Way roughly east to exit The Exercise Yard at the Grid point portal following the low ridge towards The Alne Hills.  It is a beautiful clear day.  The autumn sun would be warm but for a southerly breeze that keeps the heavy-looking clouds moving along.  Swallows and Wagtails zip through gaps in the hedge and, looking towards the west, the air is crystal clear.

Turning left onto the lane I part company with The Monarch’s Way.  I stroll along enjoying the sun.  Only a couple of vehicle mar my reverie and one of them is a tractor – so fair play.  The walk down the lane is about 1.5 miles, crossing The River Arrow at the ford.  A short distance further and on the left is a marked footpath across the fields heading roughly south and parallel to the A435 a couple of fields away.  Along this stretch I become surrounded by shimmers of butterflies. The usual Cabbage Whites and Red Admirals were joined by some I had to check in my Observer Book of Butterflies. The butterflies fluttered among Campion, Trefoil, Willowherb and Chicory all of which bathed in the Autumn sunshine. 

The path finally emerges at the Coughton Round about and I opted to follow the river through Conway fields emerging at Gunnings Bridge and thence back to the start.  This was a surprisingly good walk with ample opportunity for walkers to break their journey at The Twisted Boot or The Throckmorton Arms should they so wish.  The final walking distance was 6.8 miles so not quite enough for The Shakespeare Stroll but I think I have an excellent alternative idea anyway. Now I’m off to bathe my feet again.

One thought on “Shakespeare Stroll Test Walk 2

  1. A good stretch of the Legs and dry enough not to be a pain to walk.
    It goes without saying I am happy to support this fine event in the same manner as before.
    Best of luck with your new autumn venture


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