Guilty Conscience

Herb Robert

Cars and cyclists go by as I sit here on this slightly damp bench. I’m conscious that I have been a tad tardy in my recent postings so I’m trying to make amends.

It’s warm for mid November. At least it was when I set out but now low grey clouds have rolled in on the south westerly breeze. There is even the odd spatter of drizzle.

The walk took me past the Trig Point, just beyond which was a field full of sheep. I paused to watch and beheld an interesting phenomenon. A magpie riding on the back of a sheep, taking the odd peck while being, seemingly ignore by the host. Is. anyone aware of this symbiotic relationship? Is this activity common between sheep and magpie?

The door to Kinwarton Dovecote

My route took me towards Great Alne then across the fields towards Kinwarton and thence to the Ford at Hoo Mill where I spied the apparently late flowering and exotically names European Spindletree

The European Spindletree

From Hoo Mill it was a simple matter of following the road back into town. Today’s walk was sandwiched between family commitments and so what quite short at about 4.5 miles but it had the advantage of being relatively dry

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