Multi Tasking? I Can Do That.

To say I was not too enthusiastic about a walk today would be an understatement. The weather was grey and trees were waving and bending in a cold and uninviting manner. I turned up the heating a notch and settled lower in my site nursing my second cup of tea, at which point the guilt set in. “You can’t sit here all day watching TV.” I self-scolded. “Now, get dressed and get out there. It’s only an hour and a half.” I self-negotiated a final cup of tea and stumped off, grumbling, to comply.

So, I am just about to leave when a particularly sharp blast of wind hurls a spatter of sleet at the window. But too late now. I have donned many layers and waterproofs so I sallied forth. It’s Sunday so the plan today is simply to walk the Town Circular which is an infinitely adaptable circular walk around town. Today I have two changes planned. Firstly, to walk through the nature park, a preferable diversion now it dryer underfoot. Secondly to divert down the town high street for reasons which will become apparent.

The walk is going quite well for about 100 yards when, rounding a corner I am hit in the face with a blast of icy wind and sleet with origins in The Ural Mountains such was its ferocity. However the walk through the nature park, while cold was, at least, dry and firm and the weather hadn’t dimmed the wildlife activities as I walked by.

Now we come to the multi-tasking bit. It is an easy diversion into the High Street by the church. This is where two shops are situated. One, the paper shop and the second, a cafe offering takeaway food on a Sunday morning. And this is where the clever bit comes in. I approached the cafe, ordered and paid for a bacon and egg sandwich and then, while awaiting its delivery, crossed the road to collect my paper. Thus, and this is the really clever bit, allowing me to re-cross the road to collect my sandwich. How about that?. Walk, breakfast and paper all at once.

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