Myton Marathon – Whoops Splash!

The scene of my downfall

I am sitting in The Spittle Brook. Water is trickling down my face. I am picking bits of weed from my hair and the brook undeterred by my presence continues to flow over me. My companion is biting her lip, her face reddening as she desperately, and quite successfully, tries to stifle the laughter she must be feeling. A totally random lady dog-walker appears full of concern and empathy. “Are you all right dear?” she asks, keeping a straight face.

It had all begun so well. My walking companion had been keen to get involved and mentioned that a footpath passed behind her house but she had no idea where it went. I checked my OS App and the first Myton Marathon walk was born.

The day had dawned grey but dry as we followed the path behind her house, following the path of the old railway line. Then through a new housing development and over the by pass. We were now in the countryside walking through stubbled fields. Chatting happily we picked our way around the soggy bits heading for Alcester Heath.

We skirted the rear of Alcester Lodge, walking along the field edge down towards the ford. I helpfully pointed out some Victorian archeology half-hidden in the copse as we approached the stream. My companion tripped elegantly over a couple of impromptu stepping stones and I followed. Skidded, slipped, toppled, groped the air and collapsed headlong into the icy waters.

Having extricated myself from the brook and drained some of the excess stream from my shoes and trousers. I gathered what remained of my tattered ego and we resumed our walk. At the point where The Millennium Way swings towards New End we turned up the bank until meeting The Monarch’s Way heading towards Alcester. We now followed this path for the rest of our walk (splash) through Coldcomfort Wood over the by pass and back into town. Whereupon I took my leave of my companion and squelched homeward.

Despite all we managed 5.55 miles of my 26.2 mile target which in the circumstances is pretty good and I was left with little more than cuts, bruises and a nasty case of Nappy Rash!

For those who wish to try this walk I will place some guidance in the Walks Tab

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